Our primary medical provider, Dr. Trevino is a trained and licensed Medical Doctor who has chosen to study three to four extra years to specialize in Ophthalmological care. Dr. Trevino’s training involves detecting diseases with a good eye exam and treating eye problems with medical, non-surgical, or surgical interventions. Our medical staff also includes two Optometrists; Robert Ramos, OD and Salman Ghanchi, OD. Doctors Ramos and Ghanchi both possess a doctor of optometry (OD) degree after having completed four years of optometry school, preceded by an undergraduate education.

Premium Ophthamology

We will treat Dry Eyes, Tearing, eye infections, foreign bodies, eye pain, injuries, Glaucoma, Diabetic Eye diseases, floaters, Retinal problems, crossed eyes and many more eye problems.  Problems that cannot be handled locally are referred to competent sub specialists that can deal with special cases. Our doctors have at their disposal very sophisticated instrumentation to investigate problems to arrive at accurate diagnosis. We are proud to have computerized visual fields, Ophthalmic Coherent Tomography (OCT), Corneal Topography, Stereo photography, Argon Laser, Yag Laser, automatic refractors, digital lensometers, and tonometers, as well as the ability to perform minor surgery in house to help our doctors diagnose and treat eye conditions. We document all our exams and procedures with Electronic Medical Records and have the capability of communicating with referral physicians electronically.